48 Volt DC & 24 Volt DC Power Systems
with Battery Backup for Telecom, Wireless &
Communication Network Power from Newmar Telecom

  Newmar Telecom 48 Volt & 24 Volt DC Power
9 Amps to 259 Amps Power Plants, Battery Backup
Single Phase & Three Phase, DC UPS for Mission Critical Power

48VDC / 24VDC Power from Newmar Telecom

Requiring assistance in configuring DC power systems for your network
and communication and emergency power requirements ?

SBC Data Power can help by providing industrial grade, cost effective,
DC power solutions from Newmar Telecom for communication, wireless,
transportation and utility power needs.  

Designed for continuous duty, where reliable DC power is a must,
Newmar Telecom provides an extensive line of DC power solutions,
including 24 volt and 48 volt DC power systems utilizing N+1 redundancy,
battery charging and integrated emergency power.

Systems include network RJ45 and dry contact communication, single
or three phase input and integrated DC circuit breaker distribution and
battery charging for multiple battery banks.

24VDC and 48VDC Power Systems - Commander, Centurion, Sentinel & Unity

Commander - 6.0kW 111 Amp - 14.0kW 259 Amp @ 48VDC Power

The Newmar Commander DC power plant provides a configured
output range of 6.0kW, 111 amps to 14.0kW, 259 amps maximum
output at 48 volts DC.  Features include power efficient, N+1
redundant rectifiers in a compact 5U rack mountable chassis.  

Features include 37 amp rectifiers, integrated DC power distribution,
system controller, network communication, multiple bank battery
charging and optional emergency power battery backup using
computer room safe deep cycle, telecom batteries

Options for AC input power include 208 / 240 volt AC single phase
or 208 / 240 volt three phase, providing maximum flexibility.  
Configurable DC distribution provides for qty 18 output circuit
breakers and includes battery charging for up to 4 separate strings.

Centurion II -  6000W 111 Amp @ 48VDC / 3000W 111 Amp @ 24VDC

The Centurion II DC power system is an energy efficient 48 volt or
24 volt DC power system packaged in a 2U 19" or 23" rack mount chassis.
Systems can utilize a 120VAC or 208 / 240VAC single phase input.

The Centurion II DC power system utilzes a 2U chassis and includes
N+1 rectifier redundancy, integrated system controller and DC distribution.

Rated capacity is 6,000 watt, 111 amp at 48VDC, 3,000 watt, 111 amp
capacity at 24VDC.  Included is network SNMP and dry contact alarm
communication, battery charging, low voltage disconnect and display.

Sentinel - 1800W 33 Amp 48VDC Power Plant

Utilizing a 120VAC or 208 / 240 VAC input, the Newmar Sentinel
is a compact DC power system.  At maximum output, it provides
33 amps, 1800 watt output via qty 3 600 watt rectifiers.

This 1U rack mount chassis includes system controller, distribution,
battery charging and network SNMP or dry contact communication.

Standard configuration includes qty 4 DC circuit breaker distribution,
tripped breaker alarm notification, multiple bank battery charging.  
Complete integration and factory rack mounting solution offered.

Unity - 450W 9.0 Amp @ 48VDC / 450W 18.0 Amp @ 24VDC

The Unity DC power plant / rectifier system is a redundant DC power system
designed a maximum output of 450 watts at 48 volt DC or 24 volts DC.  

The Unity power system accommodates qty 3 integrated hot-swap rectifiers
and includes battery charging capabilities, network and Form C dry contact
communication and a front display panel.  Options include GMT fuse
distribution panel and emergency power battery backup.

Newmar DC to DC Converter - 24VDC & 48VDC Converter

The Newmar DC to DC converter provides voltage conversion for
network and communication sites that require conversion from 24 volt
or 48 volt power to 12VDC, 24VDC or 48VDC currents.  

Included is automatic voltage regulation, low noise, and a high efficiency
voltage conversion. Designed for reliability, continuous duty operation and
high temperature deployments.

Output voltage is maintained within 1% for all line and load conditions,
allowing use with sensitive transceivers and telecom equipment.

Emergency Power Deep Cycle Communication Batteries

SBC Data Power provides deep cycle emergency power battery
configurations in 24 volt, 48 volt or 120 volt configurations.  Battery
runtimes are designed specifically to customer requirements.

Included are integrated battery rack and charging solutions.
Please contact us for specifics.

Developing Your Specifications

To assist in configuring your DC power system, enclosed are 8 profiling
questions that will outline your power requirement.   Please contact us to
review the specifics of your power requirement.  

1) Output voltage required - 12VDC, 24VDC or 48 VDC
2) Site Input voltage - 120VAC or 208 VAC, single phase or three phase
3) Output load requirement in amps or watts
4) Redundant rectifiers required - Yes or no
5) Number of output circuits required through distribution panel?
6) Battery back-up? If yes, for how long?
7) Remote monitoring requirement
8) Rack mounting required - 19" or 23"

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